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If you've ever wondered if you might have chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), you're not alone.

Or maybe you just don't feel "right." Tired all the time; can't remember things like you used to; joint and muscle pain; headaches; sleepless nights. These can all point to a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, but are also symptoms of other disorders.

More than one million Americans have CFS. It occurs four times more frequently in women than in men, and most often strikes people in their 40s and 50s, but people of all ages can get CFS. Chronic fatigue syndrome can be very difficult to diagnose. Experts do not have a clear definition of what CFS actually is, or what mechanisms in the brain or nervous system are responsible for it. If you suspect you have chronic fatigue, see your doctor


(CNN) -- Many Americans were stunned when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study last month showing that suicide now kills more Americans than car accidents. But as a primary care doctor, I am not surprised.

Over the past decade, the period in which suicide deaths spiked, I have witnessed how the U.S. health care system approaches the treatment of depression. It is outdated and ineffective, and it too often fails at protecting Americans from the consequences of mental illness. With each passing year, the U.S. falls further behind other countries in finding cost-effective ways to care for our citizens' mental health.



Dr, Merritt offers complementary treatments such as EDTA chelation as part of an overall approach to your healthcare. We offer many nutritional and detox infusions, genetic screening, as well as the new, noninvasive ten day Nexalin therapy for insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Please call us with any questions or requests.

Dot Merritt MD

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